At Starlet we combine 3 Learning Domains
Social Emotional Learning
Our curriculum centers mainly around boosting social emotional skill development such as self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision making. Most important to our philosophy is ensuring a positive school environment and a variety of teaching practices that help children learn to manage their emotions and develop positive relationships. Children who develop these skills do better in school, have more friends and are more successful later in life. Focusing on these skills during early childhood is crucial during this key period of development.
Our center uses high scope, an exceptional and comprehensive early childhood program. This renowned curriculum has been proven extremely effective time and time again. It promotes independence, curiosity, decision making, cooperation, persistence, creativity and problem solving in young children. We've created well organized learning centers full of interesting materials for active participatory learning. Our art, music, dramatic play, sports, library, yoga/meditation, language program, STEM, cooking and growing of fruits and vegetables all tie into cultivating the minds of our children.
At Starlet academy, we believe our children's mental health is just as important as their physical health. Research shows targeted physical activity gives the potential to enhance memory and accelerate recall. Our teaching method includes physical activities specifically meant to enhance your child's attention. We will integrate physical activity throughout our curriculum by scheduling outdoor recess as part of our daily schedules for at least 30 minutes. Our daily yoga/meditation acts to calm the brain and create an optimal state for both attention and learning. The combination of our mental, emotional and physical learning domains makes Starlet Academy truly exceptional, and without comparison.
to educate, enrich , enable and inspire
children to be continually curious by experiencing new adventures and explorations.
  • Starlet is a nonprofit organization that provides premier or high quality child care and preschool services, 6 weeks to 5 yrs old.
  • Our goal is to educate, enrich, enable and inspire children to be continuously curious and learn from the natural world around them.
  • We invite you to become a Sponsor of Starlet Academy! We hope you take this opportunity to support us.
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