Enrollment Process
Our suggested enrollment process would be as follows:
Pre-Register your child on our webpage (there is no fee for pre-registration)

Schedule a tour of the center Enrollment Process
Meet with administration staff/director to secure position

Attend our orientation visit. While some children adapt easily into a child care setting it can be a challenge for others. We recommend that before your child officially starts at the center, you and your child come in for 'play and explore visit'. The visit provides you an opportunity to spend some time with your child at the center to become familiar with the staff and daily routines. The visit also allows you to sit down and talk to the Room Leader and staff on a one to one basis and discuss your child's needs and the expectations you have for them and the center
The center will do the following to help you and your child settle into the center: 
One to One meeting with parent
  Staff available during visit so that you and your child become familiar with routines
   Verbal feedback at the end of each day
Class Ages (Call for Rates)
Infants (6wks-18mo) & Toddlers (18mo-36mo)
Pre K 3 & Pre K 4
After Care for children         ages 5-13yr          (3:00p - 6:00p)
  • Starlet Academy is a nonprofit organization that provides premier or high quality child care and preschool services, 6 weeks to 5 yrs old.
  • Our goal is to educate, enrich, enable and inspire children to be continuously curious and learn from the natural world around them.
  • We invite you to become a Sponsor of Starlet Academy! We hope you take this opportunity to support us.
to educate, enrich , enable and inspire
children to be continually curious by experiencing new adventures and explorations.
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